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Forum rules

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By completing the user registration process for this forum it is assumed that you have accepted these terms and conditions!

Terms and conditions updated 2012-01-30

These forums are provided with the sole purpose of supporting and promoting the Close Talk Conference System range of products. To maintain a high quality forum for everyone to enjoy, please note the following:
  • Always maintain a civil tone and language in posts
  • Do NOT use profanity or other bad language
  • All posts should relate to the current category, forum and thread topic
  • This forum is not intended for sales, customer or product specific correspondance such as quotation requests, service requests, purchase orders, warranty claims and similar, for these events please contact us privately
  • Anonymous users, i.e. not showing your real name and company in posts, is allowed BUT a real and valid e-mail address is required when registering. We reserve the right to remove any registered user who's activities are harmful to us or other users of this forum
  • Any commercial, professional and/or personal, advertising of any products or services in the forums is not allowed
  • Any posts containing racist, inflammatory, personal attack, political propaganda or similar contents will be removed and results in banning
  • This is NOT a forum ruled by general free speach, democracy rules and practices, we reserve the right to edit or remove any post without prior notice or explanation
  • This is a forum for world-wide customers of multiple political and religious convictions, please refrain from using ambigious symbols, signs and languages
  • Posting questions, remarks, requests and user tips and hints is encouraged, flaming, shouting, raving and other non-constructive posts is NOT. Any and all complaints, remarks or feelings of frustration with anything related to Close Talk Conference System should be sent privately to the forum manager
  • All the contents, including user posts, in this forum is copyright Close Talk Conference System. Under no circumstances is it allowed to use any information found here for any other purposes other than to promote Close Talk Conference System without our prior consent. We also reserve the right to include and use any information here in our marketing, product development and other corporate daily activities
  • DO NOT post material, links or anything apparently or possibly illegal including but not limited to copyrighted material, instructions, manuals, articles, videos, images or similar
  • Your privacy outside of this forum is protected, we will never refer personally to any user registered here in any way or manner outside of this forum without the users consent
  • We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions for this forum at any time

If you find a post with questionable contents, please use the report post function to contact us!

Thank you and please enjoy the forum!
Best Regards
Close Talk Support

All posts are believed to be fully accurate for a normal system, instructions and procedures should be followed in detail. If in doubt, please ask for clarifications. Close Talk Conference System makes no guarantees that information posted here will not cause other direct or indirect problems due to unforeseen circumstances and will not accept liability for events including but not limited to data losses, system downtime, missed deadlines, etc. It is assumed that the customer has and is taking professional precautionary actions suitable for their own system and user environment to prevent such losses.

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