Can I use or make my own Transceiver installation cables?

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Can I use or make my own Transceiver installation cables?

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Close Talk Conference System is designed for and all its certifications are based on the use of the ISO/IEC 11801 industry standard Cat. 6 S/FTP grade Ethernet cable type:


The S/FTP (formerly known as S-STP) grade means double shielding, i.e. all four signal pairs have an individual shield and then the four pairs have a common outer shield.

There are several other Ethernet cable types and categories on the market, namely U/UTP (UTP) Unshielded Twisted Pair, F/UTP (FTP) Foil Shielded Twisted Pair and U/FTP (STP) Shielded Twisted Pair.

Although the system will work with other cable types than S/FTP (S-STP), it will not operate according to specifications, it's safety against eavesdropping is severely reduced and the warranty is void. Power under-voltage states may occur, resulting in system instability.

Close Talk Conference System supplies ready-made cables in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 meters which enables quick and problem-free installation.

It is also possible to use custom built cables but please note:
  • Always use Cat. 6 S/FTP (S-STP) cables
  • Use shielded connectors
  • Always test the cable before connecting it to any Close Talk products, a faulty cable may cause product damage
  • When using RJ-45 Cable Joiners/Extenders, use a shielded type
  • Use the industry standard straight RJ-45 Ethernet patch cable pin-out
  • Follow the installation rules found in the full product catalog
  • Faulty custom-built cables, either from using the wrong components or by poor manufacturing, may seriously compromise the system stability and its protection against eavesdropping
  • Roll up cable slack using bow ribbon shape, not a coil
  • Minimum cable bending radius is 30mm, lower than that may damage the cable and cause system instability
Close Talk Conference System uses proprietary signaling, not Ethernet. Only connect Close Talk equipment to a Close Talk system or property damage may occur!
Best Regards
Close Talk Support

All posts are believed to be fully accurate for a normal system, instructions and procedures should be followed in detail. If in doubt, please ask for clarifications. Close Talk Conference System makes no guarantees that information posted here will not cause other direct or indirect problems due to unforeseen circumstances and will not accept liability for events including but not limited to data losses, system downtime, missed deadlines, etc. It is assumed that the customer has and is taking professional precautionary actions suitable for their own system and user environment to prevent such losses.

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