Moving the Close Talk Control software to a new computer

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Moving the Close Talk Control software to a new computer

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Moving the settings and database for Close Talk Control to a new computer is a fairly easy operation using this instruction.

Warning! This instruction involves finding and copying files located at system and hidden folders in the Windows operating system. It also involves using the Windows Registry Editor. Corrupting the Windows Registry can potentially cause the Windows operating system to fail. This instruction should only be followed by an experienced computer technician.

Note! All Close Talk Control settings and databases are private for the individual Window's account names. If Close Talk Control is used by several different Windows account names the following instruction will have to be repeated for each account name.

On the old computer:
Start Close Talk Control and go to File->Manage databases.... Click the Export databases, then the ... button to select a folder where the current database will be exported and finally the Export button. The current database is now saved as a compressed ZIP file which will later be required on the new computer. If the Database Export function isn't available, download and install the latest Close Talk Control Version 3.x.x.x first on the old computer. Start it and the database will be upgraded to Version 3. Then use the tool in Version 3 to export the database.

If the user wishes to stay with version 2.x.x.x the move of the database must be done manually. Turn on View hidden files and folders in Window's File Explorer as decribed below and search for the CTDB folder which contains the version 2.x.x.x database.

Exit Close Talk Control.

Start the Windows Registry Editor. How this is done is different on every Windows version so it is not described here. Google Registry Editor for the curent Windows version for instructions.

Navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Closetalk. There should be a key called CTControl there. Right-click the CTControl key and choose Export. Again choose a folder location, the same as the previous ZIP file would be a good place, and a name for the REG file, for example "CloseTalkControlSettings". Then click Save and a REG file with the Close Talk Control settings is created.

On the new computer:
Log on to a suitable Windows User Account and install the desired version of Close Talk Control. Administrator rights are required for installation. If Close Talk Control is to be used only by this user account choose This user only during installation, otherwise choose All users.

Locate the REG file exported from the old computer and double-click it (may require Administrator rights). You will see a warning about adding information to the registry, click Yes to import all settings to the new computer.

Start Close Talk Control and make sure it has contact with the Central Unit and that the settings seems to be fine. The database is currently empty. Do not move on to the next step before this is ready!

When Close Talk Control is installed and running fine on the new computer, exit Close Talk Control.

There is currently no database import function in Close Talk Control so this will have to be done manually. Note that the database folder is named differently in version 2.x.x.x and 3.x.x.x of Close Talk Control. Version 2.x.x.x uses the folder name CTDB and verison 3.x.x.x uses the folder name CTDB3.

Start the Windows File Explorer and make sure Explorer shows hidden files and folders (this can later be turned off again). The easiest way to find the database folder is to open the root of the Windows system drive (usually C:\) and then use the Explorer search function to search for CTDB3 (Close Talk Control Version 3.x.x.x) or CTDB (Close Talk Control version 2.x.x.x). Make sure hidden files and folders are shown or the search will fail.

When the folder has been found by Explorer, right-click the search result and choose Open folder path. The CTDB or CTDB3 folder should now be shown in Explorer.

Start by renaming the database folder name to FolderName_, for example CTDB3 is renamed to CTDB3_, creating a backup. Then create a new empty folder with the original name, for example CTDB3. Move into this empty folder in Explorer.

Copy the database ZIP file exported from the old computer into the new empty database folder. Then extract the ZIP file contents into the new database folder. Once the extraction is complete the database folder should contain a lot of .DB, .PX, .XGx files and the database move is complete.

Start Close Talk Control and the original database should now be available again.
Best Regards
Close Talk Support

All posts are believed to be fully accurate for a normal system, instructions and procedures should be followed in detail. If in doubt, please ask for clarifications. Close Talk Conference System makes no guarantees that information posted here will not cause other direct or indirect problems due to unforeseen circumstances and will not accept liability for events including but not limited to data losses, system downtime, missed deadlines, etc. It is assumed that the customer has and is taking professional precautionary actions suitable for their own system and user environment to prevent such losses.

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