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Quotation request guidelines

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Close Talk Conference System is a very compact line of products and requesting a quotation is relatively easy if some basic information is included in the request.

Step 1 - Number of microphones:
The Delegate Unit is a complete unit including battery but excluding microphone. There is no special Chairman Unit in the system, any unit can be promoted to chairman functionality by Central Unit programming.

For the quotation request, simply add the number of delegate and chairman units required.

Step 2 - Type of microphone(s):
Two lengths of a detachable double-gooseneck microphone is available and can freely bee mixed in a system. Select the desired type for each delegate unit.

Step 3 - Select the desired Delegate Unit battery charging method:
The Delegate Unit contains a built-in, low cost industry standard Lead-Acid battery available all over the world. There are two charging solutions available: The low cost cord charger DC-110-45 and the powerful Charger/Transportation trolley CT-10.

For the cord charger DC-110-45, each charger supports 5 delegate units so simply divide the number of required delegate units by 5 and round up to the nearest integer. For example, a system with 34 delegate units requires 34/5 = 6.8, rounded to 7 chargers.

The CT-10 Charger Trolley comprises three different products to make a complete trolley: the CT-10 Base Frame, the CTPS-101 Power supply and the CH-103 Charger Holder. Each CH-103 can support 3 delegate units and each trolley can support up to 8 CH-103, making the maximum number of delegate unit's per trolley 8 x 3 = 24. For example, with 34 delegate units we first need 34 /3 = 11.33 rounded to 12 CH-103. Each trolley frame can hold a maximum of 8 CH-103 so we need 12 / 8 = 1.5 rounded up to 2 CT-10 base frames. Each CT-10 trolley requires 1 power supply so a total of 2 CTPS-101 power supplies.

Step 4 - Central Unit:
Each individual system requires 1 controller or the CU-110-11 Central Unit.

Step 5 - Transceivers:
The Transceiver is the "antenna" of the system with which the Delegate Unit communicates of the infrared channels. These are optimally placed faced down in the ceiling. The required number of transceivers vary with the operational area in the room and the ceiling height. There is a very good description of how to estimate the required number of transceivers in the Product catalog, section System Installation so it will not be described here.

There are also three variants available of the Transceiver that suits different ceiling types, notably the TU-100-04 Square which is suitable for surface mounting on hard ceilings where the cables must be run on the outside of the ceiling. The TU-100-03 Round 150 transceiver is suitable for flush mounting in false ceilings such as acoustic tiles where the Cables can be installed hidden behind the tiles. Finally the TU-100-02 tranceiver is also used for false ceilings but uses screw fastening instead.

We are very happy to assist in the transceiver estimation but please remember to include the operational area size (width and depth), the ceiling height from the floor and the ceiling type.

Step 6 - Transceiver cabling:
Each transceiver is connected to the Central Unit using RJ45 cabling. We supply ready-made cables in fixed lengths which provide very fast and easy installation. It is also possible to use custom made Cables but it must be of the correct type, please see this page for more information: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5.

Step 7 - Special functionality:
The previous steps is all that is required for a basic audio-only system. Close Talk Conference System also supports more advanced functionality such as voting, tele conference, camera control, etc., please include as much information about additional requirements as possible in the request.
Best Regards
Close Talk Support
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All posts are believed to be fully accurate for a normal system, instructions and procedures should be followed in detail. If in doubt, please ask for clarifications. Close Talk Conference System makes no guarantees that information posted here will not cause other direct or indirect problems due to unforeseen circumstances and will not accept liability for events including but not limited to data losses, system downtime, missed deadlines, etc. It is assumed that the customer has and is taking professional precautionary actions suitable for their own system and user environment to prevent such losses.

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