Is there a "Quick System Start Guide" available?

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Is there a "Quick System Start Guide" available?

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A "Quick System Start Guide" guide to start up, program and hand over the system to the customer that will adress...
  • Programming the Central Unit logic according to the customers wishes
  • Programming the Central Unit audio according to the customers wishes
  • List of important points for the customer
  • Care and maintenance
  • Sysem and Delegate Unit signal test using Close Talk Install
... is available as PDF at ... tGuide.pdf.

It is in the form of a checklist/questionare to help asking the customers the right questions as well as describing the functionality. This guide is hands-on and contains no basic tutorials, use it together with the Central Unit User Manual.
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All posts are believed to be fully accurate for a normal system, instructions and procedures should be followed in detail. If in doubt, please ask for clarifications. Close Talk Conference System makes no guarantees that information posted here will not cause other direct or indirect problems due to unforeseen circumstances and will not accept liability for events including but not limited to data losses, system downtime, missed deadlines, etc. It is assumed that the customer has and is taking professional precautionary actions suitable for their own system and user environment to prevent such losses.

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