A Delegate Unit flashes three LED:s rapidly

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A Delegate Unit flashes three LED:s rapidly

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If a Delegate Unit starts to flash its three main LED:s rapidly it indicates that there is a new software version available in the Central Unit and that it requires it to be downloaded before being used with that Central Unit.

The new software for the Delegate Unit is stored in the Central Unit and can be sent via the infrared data link to the Delegate Unit(s).

To update the Delegate Unit software:
  • Place the Delegate Unit(s) that should be updated within good signal range and turn them on. If the unit requires an update it will start to flash the LED:s, otherwise they will turn on normally
  • Go to the Central Unit and navigate to the "Delegate Units->Start update" setting. We recommend to always use the latest version, verify that the version shown is the latest available from our web site. If not, it is recommended to update the Central Unit first before proceeding. Please see the Close Talk Loader PC software page http://www.close-talk.com/download_ctl.htm
  • Press the SELECT key on the Central Unit
  • Two choises are now available, "Offer update" and "Force update". "Offer update" will only update the Delegate Units that flashes the LED:s while "Force update" will update all Delegate Units, regardless of whether they "need" it or not. "Offer update" is the most commonly used, "Force update" is usually only needed when downgrading a software version number
  • Select the preferred update method and press the ENTER key on the Central Unit
  • A precentage counter is shown on the display and the Delegate Units being updated starts to flash more slowly, this indicates that they are busy receiving the update
  • Wait for the counter to reach 100%, do not disturb the Delegate Units during the update
  • When the counter reaches 100%, all Delegate Units that have been successfully updated will turn their power off, this is an indication that all went well. If any units starts to blink rapidly again, move it to a better signal range position if needed and repeat the update
  • The update is done and the units can be used as desired
More information about the update procedure can be found in the Central Unit manual.
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