Why am I getting reading errors during voting?

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Why am I getting reading errors during voting?

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During voting, Close Talk Control continuously scans each delegate unit for the vote result. If for some reason a delegate unit does not respond, a 'reading error' occurs. This error may be caused by several reasons:
  • The delegate unit battery may be low. Make sure all delegate unit's are fully charged before conference start
  • The delegate unit may be powered off. Cancel the active vote session, turn the delegate unit on and wait for it to enter vote mode (LED flashes) and try again. Accidental power-off of a delegate unit can be prevented on the 'File->Settings' menu
  • The infrared light path between the delegate unit and the transceiver unit may be obstructed. Remove the source of obstruction
  • The infrared light data communication may have transfer error's. Move the delegate unit closer to a transceiver unit
During system installation, a good infrared light communication level margin must be established. If a delegate unit is placed too far away from the transceiver's, communication errors will start to appear, degrading system performance.
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